Going to Print With Cole Pauls (Again!)

Jul 22, 2020 by

CPauls_AuthorPhoto_PizzaPunks2016_InternetHey comic fans! COVID-19 may have thrown a wrench into 2020, but we’ve been hard at work lining up exciting new graphic novels for next year. There will be a few announcements over the coming weeks, starting with this one:

On May 1, 2021, we’ll be publishing a punk-rock celebration of pizza in all its gooey glory…  Pizza Punks by award-winning cartoonist Cole Pauls! In Pizza Punks, Pauls pushes the limits of pizza devotion by exploring just how far an extremely dedicated punk might go to attain the cheesiest of pies. Backpack pizza? Sure. Couch pizza? Absolutely. Even mosh pizza isn’t off-limits. Pineapple pizza, though? That’s a little more controversial. This quirky graphic novel is served up by the author of Dakwäkãda Warriors, winner of the 2020 Indigenous Voices Award and nominated for two Doug Wright Awards and an Aurora Award.

This graphic novel collects Pizza Punks 1 – 4 plus a hot n fresh 5th issue, drawn just for this collection! Plus pin-ups by Kirsten Hatfield, Joel Rich, Brian Fukushima, Owen Plummer, Kathleen Gros, Simon Roy, Walter Scott, Nathan Jones, Becca Tobin & Katie So.


4 Questions with Cole Pauls

1. Tell us about punks and pizza! Why punks? Why pizza? What inspired this? 

I had just moved to Vancouver to attend Emily Carr & I was invited to contribute to “DUNK”, Lucky’s Comics newspaper. I had only made self contained zines at the time and I wanted to make a serialized monthly strip specifically for DUNK. I conveniently had pizza in my backpack that day in university & the rest is history I guess haha!

2. Some people might not realize you actually created Pizza Punks BEFORE Dakwäkãda Warriors. How did Pizza Punks help you develop your style as a cartoonist?

A lot of these strips are actually art school assignments I twisted into Pizza Punks strips. The longform strips are from different illustration classes, the etchings and linocut comics are from print classes I attended. My grad piece at Emily Carr was the 8 page linocut comic in PP3. There are no panel or page restrictions in a Pizza Punks strip and I’d say I really cut my teeth learning how to tell a joke or story by experimenting with that.

3. Comics are a great medium for experimenting with storytelling–and that’s something I think your work demonstrates really well. What would you say to a budding cartoonist who’s nervous to try something new?

It’s fun to practice with rules and restrictions. Like telling a joke within 3 panels, or 1. Giving yourself personal goals and deadlines to finish a project is helpful too. Eventually you will feel more confident to tell longer stories & I think that shows with the progression of Pizza Punks.

4. How do you feel about pineapple pizza?

I won’t order Hawaiian for myself, I’d still eat it if it was the only slice around, but I will say I love jalapeno & pineapple pizza!! The sweet ‘n hot combo is next level pizza chemistry.

5. What does punk mean to you? As a music form, and a lifestyle/DIY experience?

Punk to me is a freedom of expression, that gives me the assurance to be myself. It picks me up when I’m down, or angry, and helps me put those emotions into artwork. It’s also taught me DIY culture and when you want to do something, you just have to put the work into it, to make it a reality. Taking things into my own hands and self-publishing comics was the start of my career. Also, when I’m drawing comics, I’m probably blasting something loud n fast to keep my energy up. Punk music puts the batteries into my back!


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