BDQ: Essays and Interviews on Quebec Comics

BDQ: Essays and Interviews on Quebec Comics

Edited by Andy Brown

ISBN 978-1-77262-018-4
6×8.5 inches, 224 pages
black and white, illustrated throughout
trade paperback, $25

Literary Criticism
BDANG Imprint

November 2017

The comics community in Quebec has long been heralded as unique, blending the clear line aesthetic of Europe with the underground influences of North America. Think Tintin meets R. Crumb. Of course, most of the work is in the French language. And while artists such as Michel Rabagliati, Guy Delisle, and Julie Doucet are now internationally recognized, much of it is still unknown outside the province. Conundrum Press started its BDANG imprint in 2004 to rectify this situation by translating and publishing work from Quebec comic artists. BDANG stands for Bande Dessinée en ANGlais, or French comics in English. This volume is a companion to the imprint, collecting interviews and essays on Quebec comics, to give context to the history and breadth of the work. Read about the early strips in Montreal newspapers at the turn of the century, Albert Chartier, cartoonist of rural Quebec, the zany antics of Red Ketchup, the underground minicomics boom of the 1990s, the anglophones who found themselves a part of the mix, and the hallucinogenic punk prophet Valium.

Essays on:

Albert Chartier
Birth of BDQ
Luc Girard
Bernie Mireault
1990s Montreal Underground
The Comics of Fish Piss
Zviane / Iris
Michel Hellman
Sylvie Rancourt by Julie Delporte
Julie Doucet

Interviews with:

Réal Godbout
Jimmy Beaulieu
Michel Rabagliati
Henriette Valium
Geneviève Castrée

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