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by Rebecca Rosen


80 pages, 7.5×10.5 inches, full colour, flaps, $20

October 2018

Fictional biography of a disturbed performance artist

Julia Maarten’s a mess: she’s running out of inheritance money, failing out of art school, and haunted by the ghost of her depressed mother. And then there’s the compulsive nose-picking thing…

When Julia meets a group of radical feminist performance artists in a Brussels squat, she is convinced by their political perspective and enchanted by their counter-cultural lifestyle. But has she found her tribe… or lost her mind?

FLEM, by newcomer Rebecca Rosen, takes the reader on a colour-coded journey into the dark heart of the “other” Brussels by way of a damaged young woman’s inflamed nasal canal.

About Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen is an artist, originally from Montreal, who now makes her home in Brussels. She runs the¬†silkscreening studio l’Appat.

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