Langosh and Peppi: Fugitive Days


Langosh and Peppi: Fugitive Days
by Veronica Post
ISBN 978-1-77262-044-3
7×10.25 inches, 340 pages
black & white, trade paperback

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May 2020

An eyewitness account of the 2015 European “migrant crisis”

While exploring out-of-the-way places in Budapest, Hungary, a vagabond named Langosh and his faithful dog, Peppi, stumble on the vestiges of the region’s war torn past. Through streets, alleys, tunnels, train stations, abandoned buildings and the countryside, they witness the effects of colliding social, political, and interpersonal situations. However, they soon discover the stark difference between choosing a transient lifestyle and being forced from one’s home and country. Langosh and Peppi meet people whose tragic personal struggles are enmeshed with the national struggles that continue to divide and destroy so many lives, and witness the disturbing global rise of nationalism. Influenced by Hideo Azuma, Guy Delisle and Joe Sacco, Veronica Post examines the modern dilemma of what it means to be human and to call a place home.

About Veronica Post

Veronica Post grew up in Halifax during the 80s and 90s. She attended one year of NSCAD University before moving to Montreal, where she self-published comics, played drums in punk bands and completed her cabinetmaking diploma before following love to Europe. She is currently teaching furniture-making and drawing comics in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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