Meat and Bone

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Meat & Bone
by Kat Verhoeven

ISBN 978-1-77262-033-7
5.5 X 8.5 inches, 340 pages
colour, trade paperback

May 2019


A queer slice-of-life drama about dating and eating.

Anne thinks that getting a new place with her two best friends will be a fresh start — then she meets Marshall, the girl downstairs. Their friendship will trigger body image issues she thought she had left behind. Meanwhile, Gwen tries out polyamorous dating and Jane practically moves into the gym, where she quietly works through her problems and those of her friends. In Meat and Bone, Kat Verhoeven winds these threads into an unflinching, beautifully illustrated exploration of how three Toronto women define themselves.

About Kat Verhoeven

Kat Verhoeven loves the hard reality of black ink and the flexibility of digital colours. Based in Toronto, she works as an illustrator and cartoonist, author of Towerkind and Meat and Bone.

Advance Praise for Meat and Bone

“Meat and Bone is a beautifully illustrated gut-punch of a book. It holds up a mirror to the worst of our self-loathing and dares us to smash it. Kat Verhoeven has created something terribly real with this lavish delight of colour: a rallying cry to self-love and an honest look at the hard journey to find it. This book made me feel genuinely hopeful that one day I might like myself, too.” — Kate Leth (Adventure Time, Spell on Wheels)

“In her diverse artistic depictions of disordered thinking and eating, Verhoeven captures the silent wars of modern women, in all their pain and glory.” —Publishers Weekly

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