Nothing to See Here

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Nothing to See Here
By Howard Chackowicz

ISBN 978-1-77262-042-9
5.25 x 6.5 inches
220 pages b/w
trade paperback

November 2019

Like New Yorker gags gone terribly wrong

Nothing to See Here is the highly-anticipated continuation of Chackowicz’s Howie Action Comix series. In the spirit of Ivan Brunetti, his one-page gags convey narrative devices that take fans to strange and dark places that exist well beyond joke territory.

“Chackowicz’s great trick is making us think that he has merely drawn us comics and cartoons both surreal and laugh-out-loud hilarious, but at a closer glance we can see that he has also crafted honest-to-god poems — lyrical works of poignancy and depth. His art is unexpectedly wistful, and warm-heartedly wise.” — Jonathan Goldstein (Heavyweight, This American Life, WireTap)

“Chackowicz’s coarse, psychotic cartoons are genuinely funny and a perfect antidote to all the dull, unimaginative alternative comics being churned out these days.” — Jim Blanchard

About Howard Chackowicz

Chackowicz received a Harvey Award nomination for work on Dennis Eichhorn’s Real Stuff before becoming an Internet sensation. He was a regular on CBC Radio One’s comedy program WireTap throughout the length of its run from 2004 to 2015. His character was a child in a man’s body. Chackowicz plays drums for two long-lived Montreal- based bands: The American Devices (1980) and Nutsak (1996). Chackowicz has written restaurant reviews for the Hour and for en- Route magazine. He lives and draws in Park Ex, Montreal.


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