The Curse of Charley Butters

The Curse of Charley Butters

by Zach Worton


340 pages, 6×8 inches, b/w, paperback, $20

April 2018

The collected trilogy of one man’s attempt at redemption through art

While filming a death metal music video sensitive soul Travis and his gang of misfits stumble upon an old cabin in the woods containing the archives of a disappeared artist named Charley Butters. As Travis learns more about the artist’s withdrawal, he also distances himself from the insular, macho world of the band.

The discovery sets in motion a chain of events which leads to a documentary, a girlfriend, then the loss of everything he has known. Depressed and alone will Travis be pulled back into reality by a tragedy in the life of his old band mate or will his salvation come from leaving the life he knows to solve the mystery of what happened to Charley Butters.

Praise for Zach Worton

“Zach Worton, through the use of classic and lively cartooning, gives a story of how we need to make change in our lives or we’ll all go crazy. Sometimes that change breaks hearts and pisses off our friends. And sometimes it brings about a calm understanding of who we are.” — Charles Forsman (TEOTFW)

“The Disappearance of Charley Butters is a smart, lively story imbued with page-turning mystery, all told in Zach Worton’s engaging style.” — Noah Van Sciver

“The book is quietly preoccupied, like Butters, with the Canadian landscape and the meditative pleasures of drawing.” — The Globe and Mail

“It’s easy to get so caught up in the funny neurosis and amusing ridiculousness of Worton’s characters, and the compelling mystery of the story, that the artwork takes a backseat. But that’d be a mistake. Worton’s characters, inspired by an old-school comics style, and his fluid yet dense panels of nature scenes and old dwellings are a delight, and should be appreciated in their own right. It makes reading the book take twice as long, but it’s a pleasure to do so.” —    Julia Wertz (author of Tenements, Towers & Trash, and Drinking at the Movies)

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