The Cursed Hermit

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The Cursed Hermit (Hobtown Mystery Stories #2)

By Kris Bertin & Alexander Forbes

ISBN 978-1-77262-030-6
5.5 X 8.5 inches, 160 pages
black & white, trade paperback

October 2019

Will our Teen Detectives untangle the mystery of Knotty Pines — before it’s too late?

Reeling from the strange and confusing discoveries of their last adventure, the Hobtown Junior Detective Club is looking forward to Christmas break when two of its Teen Detectives —Brennan and Pauline—are made to attend an extra-credit boarding school called Knotty Pines. After attending their first classes, however, they realize they may have stumbled on their weirdest case yet!

It’s not just that the Headmaster and the Headmistress are unusually strict, it’s that they seem to be controlling the students, transforming them into boneheads and bullies. On the final night of their stay, the boys and girls are paired up to pledge eternal allegiance to the long-dead Lord Hobb—and to each other—in unholy matrimony!

Isolated from their fellow sleuths, our intrepid young investigators need to rely on a cast of colourful characters to lift a curse that has plagued the good people of Hobtown for centuries! Bizarre, funny, frightening, and heartwarming, this latest installment of the Hobtown Mystery Stories brings our teens one step closer to uncovering the haunting truth of their funny little east-coast village.


Praise for The Case of the Missing Men

“It’s rare that a creative team produces such impressive work right out of the gate, so one can only assume that things will get even better from here.” ~Kris Bone, Broken Pencil

“An eerie blend of Scooby Doo and Twin Peaks…” ~Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Distinguished by its offbeat sense of humour and legitimately shocking last-act revelations, this debut would be impressive enough as a mere genre exercise – the perceptive insights into the weirdly hermetic lives of both teenagers and small towns alike, then, are almost a bonus.” ~Sean Rogers, Globe & Mail
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