20×20:Twenty Years of Conundrum Press

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Well I just have a moment to breathe before the fall hits Nova Scotia (truth be told the leaves seem to be diseased already). Artists are already on tour. Books are going out or at the printer. The big project I’ve been working on in seclusion is my 2016 catalogue. 2016 will be the twentieth year of Conundrum Press! Who would have thunk it? I still remember the big 10th anniversary party like it was 10 years ago. So… for the catalogue I decided to make a 96 page full colour book that includes every “book” ever published by the press, whether a 10 copy fold and stapled single story chapbook or an international hardcover. Also, of couse I’m featuring the new 2016 titles in there, with excerpts. There are 9 new juicy graphic novels to expose to the world and I’ll get to them all. I’ve decided here on this blog to tell you about one every week so check back often.

First up is the anthology we’ll produce for the 20th anniversary itself. It is called¬†20×20: Twenty Years of Conundrum Press and features a stunning cover by Conundrum contributor Jillian Tamaki who released her first book with Conundrum in 2006.

























Conundrum Press was created in 1996 in post-referendum Montreal by Andy Brown, to give voice to the under-represented working in the underground anglo cultural milieu. Writers and cartoonists came to him wanting to make chapbooks. Soon he started making genre-defying books with spines, not staples. After fifteen years he moved to Nova Scotia and focused exclusively on graphic novels. Now, twenty years later, this anthology represents all that history, all that talent, all that goodness.

To celebrate twenty years in operation he asked one author or artist for each year of the press who had a book out that year to contribute something new, something that represented¬† Conundrum. For some it would have been the first book he or she had ever made. So in the end twenty Conundrumites represent twenty years, hence 20×20. There will be digging deep into the archives, there will be memoirs, there will be comics, drawings, and photographs. There will be laughter and tears of joy.















ISBN 978-1-77262-002-3

7.5×10 inches, 220 pages, softcover, flaps

full colour, $20 May 2016

































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