Annapolis Valley Zine Library

Okay here is something I’ve been thinking about since moving out east 3 years ago. I am a big supporter of the Roberts Street Social Centre which houses The Anchor Zine Archive. I love what those people do. However, it is in Halifax and I am in Wolfville, which is an hour away in the scenic Annapolis Valley. So I have decided to take a corner of my own library, here at Conundrum Towers, and devote it to a branch of the zine library out here. So far it is only my own personal collection which consists of chapbooks, mini-comics, zines, and art bookworks (about 1000 items to date). I have no confirmation of this but I believe it to be the largest collection in the Annapolis Valley. Can anyone prove me wrong? Anyway, I will come up with a grander plan and opening hours, and etc. But first some pictures and a call for donations. At this point all will be accepted. though any work coming from the Annapolis Valley would be the most appreciated. More to come!
zine library2zine library


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