Announcing… the 2018 Fall Catalogue!

2018 is shaping up to be an amazing year at Conundrum Press—and our Fall 2018 lineup is guaranteed to keep the momentum going. We’re looking forward to exciting new releases from Siris (AKA the Godfather of the Montreal underground comix community) and Ariane Dénommé (the award-winning author of Du chez-soi). With the fall publication of Vagabond Valise by Siris and 100 Days in Uranium City by Dénommé, both authors will be celebrating their English-language debuts.

This fall, we’re also thrilled to be publishing the long-awaited FLEM by Rebecca Rosen, an acclaimed Montreal silk-screening artist now living in Brussels. FLEM is Rosen’s debut graphic novel, but evidence of her silk-screening experience saturates the pages of her book.

Want to know more? Read on (or check out our new Fall catalogue) for more information.


100dayswebcover100 Days in Uranium City
Ariane Dénommé

ISBN: 978-1-77262-026-9
144 pages, 7×9.5 inches, b/w,
paperback, $18

BDANG Imprint
Translation by Helge Dascher

Nominated for the Bédélys Québec Prize 2017

Inspired by the stories her father told her, Dénommé sketches a portrait of a Northern mining town in the 1970s. Shifts in the uranium mine last 100 days, followed by two we
eks spent adjusting to civilization before returning.

The pay is good, the work is grueling and everyone drinks heavily on a Saturday night. Life is hollow, one shift at a time, waiting for the depletion of resources —natural or human.

A quiet but powerful read, rendered in gorgeous pencil like the dust of the mine, revealing lives on the page.

About Ariane Dénommé

Ariane Dénommé is an artist and illustrator whose graphic novel Du chez-soi, won the Prix Bédelys Québec in 2012. She has self-published numerous books, in which her worried, sometimes anguished, human menagerie is always illustrated with devastating black humour. This is her first book to be translated into English.



The Vagabond Valise siriscoverweb

By Siris

ISBN: 978-1-77262-027-6
352 pages, 6.75×9 inches,
full colour, paperback, $25
BDANG Imprint
Translation by Rupert Bottenberg

The first graphic novel from a founding father of the Quebec comix underground

A poignant account of an alcoholic father who drags his family into misfortune, The Vagabond
Valise is the heart-breaking autobiographical story of Siris, represented by his chicken-headed
alter ego.

Siris paints a sincere and poetic portrait of a troubled childhood spent in and out of foster
homes, and the working-class, post-war Quebec where it took place.

Nominated for the Friends of the Montreal Library Award, as well as Quebec Book of the Year.

About Siris

Siris has often been called the “Godfather” of the Montreal underground comix community. He has been publishing his stories in zines, anthologies, and comics for 20 years. The Vagabond Valise is his English debut.



2018 cover

by Rebecca Rosen

80 pages, 6×9 inches
full colour, paperback, $20


Fictional biography of a disturbed performance artist

Julia Marten’s a mess: she’s running out of inheritance money, failing out of art school, and haunted by the ghost of her depressed mother. And then there’s the compulsive nose-picking thing…

When Julia meets a group of radical feminist performance artists in a Brussels squat, she is convinced by their political perspective and enchanted by their counter-cultural lifestyle. But has she found her tribe… or lost her mind?

Flem, by newcomer Rebecca Rosen, takes the reader on a colour-coded journey into the dark heart of the “other” Brussels by way of a damaged young woman’s inflamed nasal canal.

About Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen is an artist, originally from Montreal, who now makes her home in Brussels. She runs the silkscreening studio l’Appat. She has worked with the legendary underground French group Le Dernier Cri.

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