AVZL tumblr up

We promised a tumblr for the Annopolis Valley Zine Library and behold here it is! Got ourselves a write up and opening hours. Next to come is some cataloguing of various objects. That will be fun, a stroll down memory lane…

Inspired by the Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax, we here at Conundrum Towers have expanded our operations to make room for the Annapolis Valley Zine Library. Initially comprised of over 1000 items from our personal collection, compiled after decades of trolling zine fairs looking for talent. The library has discarded the dewey decimal and is divided into five categories: zines, mini-comics (art- and alt-comics), chapbooks (poetry, fiction), art / bookworks, and Billy Mavreas. Located in Greenwich, NS, walking distance from the University town of Wolfville, nestled among apple orchards, old growth maples, and farmer’s markets, we believe this to be the only zine library in the Maritimes outside Halifax. Looking for an intern with library experience to do the extensive cataloguing.


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