Chihoi reviewed in National Post

Great to see another Conundrum Press release getting reviewed in a national Canadian newspaper. David Berry writes in Graphic Scenes:

“The first in Conundrum Press’s International imprint, The Library (184 pp; $20) is also Hong Kong artist Chihoi’s first English collection, and it feels long overdue. As likely to capture the mundane melancholy of an empty apartment as send his characters off into a fable, Chihoi uses a sparse and unfinished style, full of not-quite-erased first drafts and smudges, to suggest how much of the world it’s impossible for us to know, and how we must move through it anyway. The finest story here is “Father,” which uses a mythological structure to come to grips with a parents’ death in a way that feels both elegant and achingly true. Little is said, little even happens, but Chihoi fills each panel, each moment, with the weight of experience, and the result is as beautifully melancholy as a sun shower at a funeral.”

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