Collier and TCJ

Mar 30, 2011 by

David Collier’s Chimo has been getting a lot of attention on the revamped The Comics Journal website. There is the official review by Dan Nadel and then Jeet Heer’s always insightful comments on that review: “Collier is engaging with certain traditions in comics but these are traditions that aren’t much remembered these days, the traditions of observational cartooning that goes back to Clare Briggs and J.R. Williams fused with the Sidney Smith tradition of comics as rumination (Andy Gump even makes a one panel appearance in Collier). If Briggs, Williams and Smith were more visible or known, Collier might seem a little less eccentric (only a little). Also, I think there’s overap between what Collier’s doing and some of the roughhewn autobiographies of the undergrounds, particularly Spain’s stories of his Buffalo boyhood and of course the great Justin Green’s work.”

And then Joe McCulloch chimes in again in his This Week in Comics post in which he also comments on Nadel’s review: “I think the work is a bit more complex than Dan gives it credit for.” All this to say that Chimo is a dense work and is being discussed as such. In fact one blogger has called it The Asterios Polyp of 2011!

Look for Dave to be signing Chimo at TCAF at the conundrum press table. Also look for a forthcoming surprise Collier book. Details to follow.

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