Collier at Conundrum Towers

Well I had a fantastic surprise yesterday. David Collier took the train out east and came to visit us here at Conundrum Towers. He is working on a new graphic novel about taking the train across Canada with many a digression along the way so we discussed that. Look for a 2015 release. Currently he is working on a short comic for the AGO about Alex Colville for the exhibition they are hosting this summer. Alex Colville was one of Dave’s inspirations in becoming a war artist, as can be seen in his book Chimo. And of course Alex Colville, who recently passed away, was one of Canada’s pre-eminent painters. And did you know that he retired and spent many decades of his life here in Wolfville, which can be seen as the backdrop of many of his paintings? Here is Dave with a typical Colville backdrop.

So we discussed his book in the evening as he browsed the Annapolis Valley Zine Library. Here he is with his Hamilton Sketchbook 2 zine.


And sketching his new comic as I pose…


Next morning we went looking for the painting studio Colville built in his back yard. I knew the house had originally sold, but I’d never found the studio.

colvill house

Lo and behold our snooping paid off and we found it! This should be a national historic site. Come on Wolfville, let’s save this building!


Goodbye Dave. Everyone should go to the AGO Colville show this summer and pick up Dave’s new comic!

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