Collier Goes Viral!

So it looks as if Dave Collier has been a part of a viral video! Watch the Canada vs. USA tug of war. Dave is the soldier shouting himself hoarse, cheering on the Canadian. Guess who wins? By the way this is a good segue into the fact that Collier’s Popular Press is available and recently nominated for an Expozine Award. Will it soon go viral too? You can help. If you live in Toronto come by the Conundrum table at TCAF May 5-6 and get a special freebie mini of drawings from his army manoevers with purchase of the book. Also check out the latest reviews here and here: “This is a great book that is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates the works of creators like Frank King, R. Crumb (especially his non-fiction work of the 1980s), Harvey Pekar, Joe Sacco, Seth and Dan Zettwoch, just for starters. There is simply no contemporary comics creator who is more down to earth than David Collier, and there is no better antidote to the feeling of being overwhelmed by the frentic pace of the non-stop electronic pseudo-connectivity of contemporary North American life, than Collier’s Popular Press.”

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