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Oct 17, 2012 by

Check out this fantastic write up and review by Rob Clough in his small press spotlight column for The Comics Journal. Here’s what he says about Conundrum Press: “Based in Nova Scotia, Andy Brown’s Conundrum Press has quietly become a major force in alt-comics publishing.”

I blush…

Here’s what he says about Dave Lapp’s latest, People Around Here: “Dave Lapp’s People Around Here is an example of slice-of-life, quotidian reportage, where every vignette is something that Lapp either witnesses, overhears or participates in. Lapp has an ear for the quirky, the gross, the crazy and the desperate in his city of Toronto.”

Also pretty sweet. 

Most of the article however, is taken up praising Nina Bunjevac’s Heartless: “Her drawing chops are stunning, yet she’s no mere illustrator, as she breathes life into her characters as they are the vessels of her bawdy but bone-dry and pitch-black sense of humour.”

Thanks Rob…

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