Does Anyone Blog Anymore? Or… Fall Update

Hello everyone. This blog has been silent since way back in April. So much has happened since then. TCAF in May threw me off the rails. Not to mention the 20th anniversary celebrations in Montreal. Each of those required lengthy blog posts and I was overwhelmed. But twitter took over and then it seemed too late. But I vow before the year is over to give them each their due. Perhaps there will be a 20th year nostalgia fest. I know you can’t wait.

In the mean time the books keep coming out and we here at Conundrum Towers continue to find homes for them out there in the world. The first Fall title to be released is a whopper! May I present the debut (after 30 years) of Henriette Valium!!!



This is one of only a few advance copies. I will have a couple to sell at Canzine in Toronto Oct 29 at the AGO and a few more in Montreal at Expozine Nov 12. Then a wide release before Xmas.


Oh and I should mention that after 20 years Conundrum Towers has rented office space in “downtown” Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I have hung out a shingle…



Okay more soon. There will be updates of Canzine, Expozine, and our other Fall title Lake Jehovah, not to mention the all new Spring 2017 line up…

Stay tuned…


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