DWA Winners

Just got new stickers for the Doug Wright Award winners so I thought I’d show them off.


Clockwise from the top are The Song of Roland by Michel Rabagliati, Best Book 2013; Photobooth: A Biography by Meags Fitzgerald, Nipper Award 2015; Paul Joins the Scouts by Michel Rabagliati, Best Book 2014; and Heartless by Nina Bunjevac, Nipper Award 2013.

ollmannstick 1

In 2007 Joe Ollmann won the Best Book for This Will All End in Tears. Last year Conundrum released an edition of Ollmann’s collected stories Happy Stories About Well-Adjusted People which contains all but one story from Tears, plus so much more. So I have given it half a sticker.

Also in 2007 Rebecca Kraatz won the Nipper Award for House of Sugar. Conundrum picked up her next book Snaps, so we are keeping Sugar in print as well. 


Get one, get them all!

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