Everything’s Coming up Conundrum

Before the big weekend coming up at TCAF I thought I’d get down some links. Firstly, and awesomely, Joe Ollmann, artist behind Science Fiction, set to debut at TCAF, is inking the prestigious Comics Journal Diary this week. As always, Joe is hilarious. And of course he takes the opportunity to take advantage of the free promotion, including a cameo by yours “unibrow” truly.
TCJDay1 detailAlso Joe’s name is all over the Doug Wright Award blog. Not only is he a jury member for this year’s award, but apparently he is influential to a lot of other cartoonists, including Conundrum author Nina Bunjevac. Nina is also a fan of Michel Rabagliati, who is also profiled. Dave Collier claims his fave book is Jimmy Beaulieu’s Suddenly Something Happened. So much crossover! So much love!

In other news, I stumbled across this excellent interview of Chihoi in English on a Taiwanese site. Gives you an idea of what he might talk about in his spotlight at TCAF, and then again on Tuesday May 14 at the Drawn&Quarterly store in Montreal. His first book in English, The Library, will debut in the library. Ha.


Serena McCarroll will also attend TCAF in the Collier Corner, promoting her book All Citizens. I stumbled again on a link (clumsy web browser!) where she is being interviewed about her hair. 


But seriously, All Citizens recently received a great “local” review in the Saskatoon Star-Pheonix: ”With its highs and lows, its pictures and text, this mostly fascinating collage provides huge insights into and experiences of the life of Canadian artists, the number of whom ‘in the labour force is slightly larger than the number of workers directly employed by the auto industry in Canada.'” Below is a taste of a new Dave Collier comic done for All Citizens.

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