Giants, Monsters, and Canadian Cartoonists

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) is just a little over a week away. So get out your best bow-ties, your shiny shoes, and your fancy dresses, because that means it’s almost time for the Doug Wright Awards! This year, we were thrilled to see that Ariane Dénommé’s 100 Days in Uranium City has been nominated for a Doug Wright Spotlight Award, alongside other talented cartoonists like Aminder Dhaliwal, Sylvia Nickerson and more. Congrats Ariane!

We were also excited to see that on May 11th, Fiona Smyth and the late Alootook Ipellie are both being inducted into Giants of the North Hall of Fame. The news got us reminiscing about a book we published over a decade ago, called Monster Island Three. It’s an anthology collection of the zine edited by Billy Mavreas, and includes contributors like Joe Ollman, Tessa Fenger, Jennifer MacIntyre, and Shawn Jefferies. It also includes a feature on Alootook Ipellie (written by Mavreas) and artwork by Fiona Smyth. Best of all, it’s still available to order through our website.

Now please excuse us while we go back to crossing our fingers for Ariane Dénommé. We’ll see you next weekend!



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