Going to Print: D. Boyd’s Chicken Rising

Another new exciting announcement! Conundrum Press has purchased the World print rights to D. Boyd’s incredible debut, a graphic memoir called Chicken Rising. The graphic novel is set for release in April 2019.


About Chicken Rising

A bittersweet, darkly funny graphic memoir of a social misfit

In Chicken Rising, D. Boyd takes an unflinching look back at a 1970s childhood plagued by insecurity, bullying, and family dysfunction.

A shy only child, Dawn struggles to fit in. After starting a small town fried chicken franchise her war-vet father becomes even more emotionally inaccessible at home, and nothing Dawn does is ever good enough for her mother.

School isn’t much better: filled with misinterpretation, false accusations, and constant social challenges. Dawn’s a true underdog—and this is the story of how she learns to find the good in the bad, and that fitting in isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Written in the Maritime gothic tradition, Chicken Rising is an exploration of childhood and its impact on who we ultimately become.



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