Happy New Year Links Roundup

Alright I am back after a month off. So much going on in the new year and so much accomplished in the last. 2012 was definitely the best year for Conundrum in terms of our new mandate to move exclusively into the graphic novel field. With this post I am going to try and catch up with all the reviews and accolades that have come in over the wire in the last month. I need to do this because I will soon be off to Angouleme, then TCAF. The ball keeps on rolling.

Britt Wilson’s Greatest Book on Earth was reviewed in Roverarts: “I imagine Britt Wilson sits at her drafting table with the biggest grin on her face while she’s drawing. I can’t imagine someone who so clearly loves what she’s doing could produce work any other way. Her face muscles must be really tired at the end of the day.”

Dave Lapp was interviewed for Inside Toronto on the occasion of the release of his new book People Around Here.

Fanny & Romeo gets reviewed at Canadian Comics blog Sequential: “Fanny and Romeo is a charming love letter from a great cartoonist and a pleasant holiday treat.”

The Song of Roland is reviewed in the North Adams Transcript and was selected as one of the best graphic novels of the year by the AV Club.

Nina Bunjevac is interviewed by British Comics juggernaut Paul Gravett. “With a cat’s fangs, ears and whiskers, Zorka Petrovic, Nina Bunjevac’s depressive antiheroine in her comics compendium Heartless, one of the strongest debuts of 2012 published by Conundrum Press, is like some feline version of Minnie Mouse transposed into a feverish Rainer Werner Fassbinder movie.” Also featured are pages from her new graphic novel Fatherland!

Also over the holidaze was the TINARS launch of the All Citizens art book in Toronto. The event was a big success and thanks to the TINARS crew (especially Marc Glassman) and Saara Liinamaa, my hostess with the mostest. Pictures will follow. In the meantime buy the book!

So much going on. Need to get back to it!

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