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Boy oh boy it’s hard to keep on top of all the exciting news filtering through Conundrum Towers these days. I feel I need to be more like the busy beaver living in my back yard, getting back to his dam now that the ice on the pond is almost gone.

Because it is Spring and the balconies of Montreal are filling up with flesh it seems appropriate to start with all the press Suddenly Something Happened has been receiving. Jimmy was interviewed by Inkstuds host Robin McConnell. Again I love the synergy. It was Jimmy’s first English interview and he was a champ. Marc Shuster reviews on his blog. Montreal’s arts blog Roverarts posts this review: “Beaulieu has two beloved subjects – his women and his city. He draws both with fine detail, in all their curvy, angular, and architectural glory.” And of course I’ve already mentioned Tom Spurgeon’s review.

David Collier will have his home town Hamilton launch at Grit Lit, Sunday April 10 at 3:30pm – The Workers’ Arts and Heritage Centre (51 Stuart St, Hamilton). Three Ways to Look at War: David Collier – Chimo, Lynne Sherry McLean – Where Mary Went, Alison Pick – Far to Go. Looks like a very respectable line up of guests. Wish I could go.

Dave Lapp was interviewed for Taddle Creek by Peter Birkemoe, the owner of Toronto’s fantastic store The Beguiling. Dave gets into the dark recesses of his mind (and his left hand) as he describes the inspiration behind his creation of Children of the Atom: “I did Children of the Atom because I decided to process it with those two little characters. It became a much bigger area of exploration, starting from the point where I had just assumed I knew everything about relationships, and my assumptions created a feeling of total control, and then when everything collapses you suddenly find out what you don’t know. I decided to process everything through the comic strip because it was the only outlet that seemed true to me.” Look for a People Around Here book, collecting many of Lapp’s Taddle Creek strips, coming in time for TCAF 2012.

I have just sent Rebecca Kraatz’s graphic novel Snaps to the printer to be launched at TCAF May 7. Here is what Rich Terfry (Buck 65) had to say: “I’ve been a fan of all works of the imagination of Rebecca Kraatz for many, many moons, but this is my very favorite, by a long shot. What a feast! The illustrations – beautiful! The characters – fascinating! The fashions – magnificent! The hairstyles – splendorous! The words, oh, the words! Like a box of gem stones!! I wish I could live in a world created by Rebecca Kraatz. Snaps makes my bones ache with pleasure. Sigh!” And Hope Larson: “A beautifully crafted literary Möbius strip.”

Please note that Conundrum will now be distributing Rebecca Kraatz’s first book, House of Sugar, which won a Doug Wright Award in 2007. You can order from this site.

Finally, This just in! Maryanna Hardy adds to her recent Doug Wright Award nomination with another nomination, this time for an Expozine Award for Best Book for So I’ve Been Told. The 2010 Expozine Alternative Press Awards Gala will take place THIS weekend: Sunday April 3, 2011, 8 p.m., free admission at Divan Orange in Montreal, 4234 St-Laurent. Pascal-Angelo Fioramore (of Les Abdigradationnistes) will be the MC for the evening, which will feature readings from nominated authors. The awarding of prizes starts at 9:30 p.m. and will be followed by a performance by the up and coming eclectic musical duo Otarie! Have I mentioned that Maryanna will also be signing at TCAF.

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