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Conundrum Press is thrilled to announced that it has acquired English rights for the graphic novel Moose by Belgian cartoonist and publisher Max de Radiguès. The book follows Joe, a high school student who is relentlessly bullied, and who finds comfort in the natural world. Soon however, the tables turn and he is left with a moral choice. Already a success in French (published by Delcourt) the story was serialized in small mini comic chapters through Oily Comics in the US. Conundrum will now collect those minis into a 160 page book as part of their International Imprint. Rights were negotiated between Andy Brown and Max de Radiguès. Look for a debut at TCAF 2015.

“These are absolutely beautiful little objects and De Radigues’ trembling but clear line and angular character design is perfectly matched to the subject matter.” — Rob Clough

“Max de Radigues’ MOOSE #13 screwed my head on backwards!” — Steve Bissette

MOOSE cover 1

MOOSE alllow 10MOOSE alllow 11MOOSE alllow 12


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