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Paul Up North by Michel Rabaglaiti

Translation by Helge Dascher
Graphic Novel / YA
ISBN 978-1-77262-001-6
7.5×10 inches, 184 pages, b/w, trade paperback, $20
May 2016

I dropped the thread of announcing the new Spring 2016 titles every week. But I am starting that up again and no better time to let everyone know about this book than now since Michel has just been announced as a featured guest at TCAF in May where we will launch this book.

This will be the third launch for Rabagliati at TCAF, the first two producing Doug Wright Awards for The Song of Roland and Paul Joins the Scouts.

Rabagliati continues his award-winning semi-autobiographical Paul series in this coming of age story. The action takes place in 1975-76 just before and during the summer Olympics in Montreal. Remember gymnast Nadia Comaneci or Canadian high-jumper Greg Joy? Paul is now 16, a teenager, and he finds new experiences, changes schools, hitchhikes, falls deeply in love, gets dumped, smokes pot and drinks beer. All of this over a Peter Frampton musical soundtrack. Paul travels “up north” to the Laurentian cottage country of Quebec where he gets to know himself better. Another epic graphic novel from a master of the form at the height of his powers.

“Considered collectively, the Paul books function as a sort of shadow history of a place over the past 50 or so years, and that specificity contributes to the books’ emotional authenticity. The people in Paul’s life are deeply connected to the place they live, and their complex love for that place makes me love them more.” — Slate


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