Pee Wee Herman, Blutch, Deforge, and David Lynch


Thought this was a pretty amazing review of Brooklyn Quesadillas by Larry Vossler over at The 9th Blog. Here is a smattering:

“Reading Brooklyn Quesadillas is like reading a Pee-Wee Herman Playhouse episode written by David Lynch. There’s a lot of quirky surrealistic landscapes and situations that make reading Brooklyn Quesadillas a treat. Huchette does a great job keeping the reader on their toes and the reader never knows what will happen next. Even when you think you know what will happen, Huchette pulls the wool over your eyes and completely changes the game up.

Hachette’s linework really captured me. It reminds me of a mixture of Blutch and DeForge’s linework. He has a great ability of capturing the weird and fantastical and absurdity of his characters and the world they inhabit; which is reminiscent of some of DeForge’s work. Just like Blutch, Hachette can really capture very expressive and melodramatic movements that really caught my eye and got me grinning.”

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