Rob Clough on Conundrum

On his High-Low blog, American comics critic Rob Clough pens a great review of Philippe Girard’s latest book in English:

Obituary Man is a marvel of storytelling economy. In four short chapters and 84 pages, Girard establishes the highs that Maurice reaches as a funeral orator, his eventual and tragic downfall and demise, and the upbeat denouement that reveals his impact and what made him happy in the end…. Girard takes a clever idea and turns it into a humane and beautiful message that is entirely earned because of the adeptness of his storytelling.”


Also today on the same site is a review of Fanny & Romeo by Yves Pelletier and Pascal Girard:

“The book ends with a reunion that while a bit soapy, is totally earned on the part of Fanny and mostly believable on the part of Fabien. Girard is really at his best here, channeling his inner Joann Sfar in the way he draws animals and uses color to flesh out characters’ emotional states. The simplicity and clarity of his slightly ragged line matched with the softness of the watercolors adds a lot of restraint to the proceedings, whereas a more cutesy approach with digital color might have made the book unbearable. Instead, it’s a clever, cute and entertaining book with some wise observations folded into the silly scenarios.” 

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