Just got back from a long weekend launching Hermoddities in Sackville, NB and in Halifax. I picked up Temple Bates at the airport on the way to Sackville and Struts Gallery where we launched Hermoddities to an enthusiastic crowd. Temple was an invited guest of the OKQuoi?! Festival which is connected to the increasingly popular Sappyfest. I was sad not to stay with the hostess with the mostest Lesley Johnson, who is in NY, but found sympathetic souls who allowed me to pitch my tent on their lawn. Friday was a down day so I did a walking tour of Sackville as part of an art project called SackVegas. I ended up spending the morning at the quarry which was not much different than my backyard minus the submerged bicycle and grafitti. Also played basketball in the name of art with Hazel Meyer, the Struts artist in residence.  That night saw a surprise performance by Arcade Fire on the main stage!

Saturday was the zine fair which was packed even though it began to HAIL outside. Temple and Rebecca Kraatz and Maryanna Hardy all signed at the conundrum table. A beautiful sight to see so much talent in one room. There had been a review of Snaps in The National Post that morning, and another of Hermoddities in the St John Telegraph-Journal. (“It’s almost like a yearbook for circus strays or a chronology of the misfit choir… Part hermetic oddities, part hermaphrodites, all gorgeous.”) Busy day. After the zine fair I hung out with Maryanna and rainbows and halfpipes (see the photos for an explanation).

Back in Halifax Temple set up for a booklaunch and art show as part of the 3rd week of the Member’s Weekly exhibitions at eyelevel gallery. She brought a few of her paintings. Go now since the show lasts just for this week.  Great to see the book arranged on a plinth! The book as art indeed… There was a great article featuring Temple in Halifax’s weekly The Coast. If you live in Halifax come and meet Temple and Rebecca Kraatz as they sign books on Wednesday from 2-4 at Strange Adventures Comic Shop.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The pix…

Struts Gallery
Hermoddities launches at Struts
Sackville quarry
John Murchie and Hazel Meyer with 10 foot net
Maryanna Hardy at the zine fair
Temple Bates signs at the zine fair
Temple Bates, Maryanna Hardy, Rebecca Kraatz
Just another day at Sappyfest
Temple Bates paintings at eyelevel gallery

The plinth!

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