Scroll Storytelling with Sean Karemaker

May 10, 2018 by

TCAF is just two days away! To celebrate, we’re sharing this incredible video with images (and guitar!) by Conundrum artist Sean Karemaker, creator of Feast of Fields, which will debut at TCAF. Although The Ghosts We Know and Feast of Fields are laid out and bound like regular graphic novels, the original work is actually on large scrolls. This video will give you a glimpse at some of Sean’s original work.


Want to know more? On Saturday at 2:00, Sean will also be running TCAF workshop called Collaborative Scroll Storytelling. Drop in, check out Sean’s techniques, and help create a large tapestry of personal stories. The workshop will be in the Discussion Room on the 3rd floor of the Toronto Reference Library.

More TCAF panels


In addition to doing signings at the Conundrum Press booth, other Conundrum Press artists can be found on the following panels:

  • Alison McCreesh: Book in Advance: Contemporary Travel Comics (Saturday at 11:00, Summerhill Ballroom at the Marriott)
  • Max de Radiguès and Wauter Mannaert: Truth Comes Out: Creating Comic Biographies (Saturday at 2:45, Summerhill Ballroom at the Marriott)
  • Andy Brown: Small Press Publishers Unite (Saturday at 6:00, Summerhill Ballroom at the Marriott)
  • Zach Worton and Sean Karemaker: From the Inside Looking Out: Comics and Mental Health (Sunday at 12:00, Cumberland Terrace)
  • Alex Forbes: Adventure Teens (Sunday at 2:00, Cumberland Terrace)
  • Howie Chackowicz: Quintessence de Quebec (Sunday at 1:30, Beeton Auditorium, 1st Floor, Library)
  • Max de Radiguès and Wauter Mannaert: More Life: Coming of Age Comics (Sunday at 3:30, Summerhill Ballroom at the Marriott)

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