Spring 2015

Here is the rundown of all the Spring 2015 titles. Observant blog watchers will notice all these titles have been previously announced, but here they are all in one place. These will all be out in time for TCAF. Should be an amazing time! 

towerkind cover web

Kat Verhoeven

Graphic Novel
YA / 13+
ISBN 1894994914
4.25×5.5 inches, 164 pages,
b/w, trade paperback, flaps, $15
April 2015

Towerkind is an oblique end-of-the-world story seen through the eyes of a diverse group of children in Toronto’s St James Town, a neighbourhood of densely populated high rise apartments. The kids in this “towerhood” become aware of an impending catastrophe through a number of supernatural abilities. Among other characters, super strong Ty is a self-proclaimed monarch, Mackenzie uses her death magic to meddle, and language savant Mose would prefer to be left alone. Something is revealing itself through cracks and crevices, and through the children in the neighbourhood. Birds are falling from the sky. Originally done as a series of minis that was nominated for an Ignatz Award, Towerkind is a true page-turner.

charley butters cover webThe Disappearance of Charlie Butters
Zach Worton

Graphic Novel
ISBN 1894994922
6×8 inches, 128 pages
b/w, trade paperback, $15
April 2015

Following the success of Zach Worton’s The Klondike comes a new graphic novel about the final throes of a death metal band. While filming a music video they stumble upon an old cabin in the woods containing the archives of a disappeared artist. The discovery sets in motion a chain of events which eventually leads to one character’s redemption.

“Zach Worton, through the use of classic and lively cartooning, gives a story of how we need to make change in our lives or we’ll all go crazy. Sometimes that change breaks hearts and pisses off our friends. And sometimes it brings about a calm understanding of who we are.” — Charles Forsman (TEOTFW)

“The Disappearance of Charley Butters is a smart, lively story imbued with page-turning mystery, all told in Zach Worton’s engaging style.” — Noah Van Sciver

dailies cover mockup 01 web

Don’t Get Eaten by Anything: A Collection of The Dailies
Dakota McFadzean

Graphic Novel
ISBN 1894994906
5.75×8.25 inches, 368 pages
full colour, hardcover, $25
May 2015

Webcomic nominated for the Slate Cartoonist Prize and a Shuster Award

For the past five years cartoonist Dakota McFadzean has been drawing a four panel comic strip every day and posting to his website. EVERY DAY! This is a remarkable achievement — though a schedule familiar to any syndicated newspaper cartoonist — but in the digital age artists can do it themselves. Inspired by James Kochalka’s American Elf, McFadzean began the project in January 2010, originally as an autobiographical daily. Soon, however, it morphed into its current state: death, cosmic insignificance, facial mutation, and ghosts are all used to point out the absurdity of life and the fundamental loneliness of the human condition, more often than not to humourous effect. McFadzean features characters with disparate ages in these strips because they provide different perspectives on related experiences. A kid character is experiencing everything for the first time, but an older one may wonder if he’s experiencing something for the last time. This collection of The Dailies will document three years of sequential strips into one handsome package.


The Adventures of Drippy the Newsboy
Vol 1: Drippy’s Mama
Julian Lawrence

Graphic Novel
ISBN 1-894994-94-9
8×10 inches, 64 pages
b/w, trade paperback, $12
May 2015

In this first volume of a trilogy based on the writings of Stephen Crane, Vancouver artist and animator Julian Lawrence brings his iconic Drippy the Newsboy to life! Here the naive Drippy gets pulled into the world of the Forbidden Zone by Harry and his alchoholic pals. His papers do not get delivered and his mother is concerned. But after his darling mother grows ill Drippy sees the error of his ways. Lawrence is known in Vancouver’s underground press as a co-creator and editor of the free monthly Drippy Gazette and publisher of numerous Drippytown comic anthology spin offs, but here his cartooning chops are on full display. The Adventures of Drippy the Newsboy harkens back to adventure serials like Tintin, complete with nostalgia and epic storytelling, but with much more drinking, gags, and carrying on. Will those papers ever be delivered on time?

MOOSE cover 1

Max de Radiguès

Graphic Novel
ISBN 1894994930
5.75×8.25 inches
160 pages, b/w,
trade paperback, flaps, $17
May 2015

Joe is a shy high school student who is relentlessly bullied, and must find comfort in the natural world. Soon however, his story twists into a tale of power and fear complete with visual symbolism and beautiful cartooning. The morally ambiguous ending will keep you thinking long after you close the covers. Already a success in French (published by Delcourt) the English version was serialized in small mini comic chapters through Oily Comics in the US. Moose is the highly anticipated collected volume.

“These are absolutely beautiful little objects and de Radiguès’ trembling but clear line and angular character design is perfectly matched to the subject matter.” — Rob Clough

“MOOSE screwed my head on backwards!” — Steve Bissette (Swamp Thing)

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