TCAF Roundup

Just back from over 4000kms of driving to do an event in Montreal and then off to TCAF. I picked up the real Mike Holmes in Halifax, then Philippe Girard in Quebec to make it to the Tru(ish) Stories panel where we met David Collier. The Tru(ish) Stories panel went well, we learned of pedophile priests, skipping ropes, and Holmes career as a stand up comedian. Good times. Thanks to the staff and the Drawn and Quarterly bookstore and goodbye and good luck to Rory. They are so good to me.

The next morning we added Joe Ollmann to the car, had car trouble, but decided to ignore it. We made it to Toronto just in time for the Comix Cavalcade. Party later at the Pilot becoming a Friday night tradition. Got to reunite with lots of folks, including Inkstud‘s Robin McConnell, Jimmy Beaulieu, and Dave Lapp, but also met a number of Belgian and French cartoonists. Good to see more of an international flavour at TCAF. Slept like a rock on the hotel room floor. Felt sorry for Jimmy and Philippe who were staying in Richmond Hill! It was a $85 cab ride to the event the next morning!

Saturday was a crazy day with signings and masses of people scooping up the latest conundrum titles. Rebecca Kraatz flew in just for the day and sat for two hours and signed her debut book Snaps non-stop. I hosted a Quebecois comics panel which was full and the panelists, including Phil, Jimmy, and Marc Tessier, confused the audience with their talk of the “language barrier” between France and Quebec. Saw a bunch of audience members come by the table later to pick up some of the translated BDANG titles. Sold out of Jimmy’s Suddenly Something Happened. Reconnected with David Collier, who was in fine form as always, and was showing off his oversized galley of his forthcoming book, Collier’s Popular Press (I’ll post some excerpts in the forthcoming section of this site soon). That night was the Doug Wright Awards and my plus one was the talented Temple Bates who has three weeks to get her book Hermoddities to the printer! We sat with Maryanna Hardy, whose book So I’ve Been Told was up for a Pigskin Peters Award. The award went to Michael Deforge. Dave Collier was there in uniform with his family to hear if he won the best book award for Chimo. After a great show, with the return of Don McKellar as host and the induction of Reid Fleming’s David Boswell into the hall of fame, the winner of the best book was the deserving Pascal Girard. At the DWA after party got to talk shaving with Don McKellar, hung with the french connection, and of course showed off the suit my father was married in to anyone who cared.

Sunday wasn’t quite so busy, possibly because the line up for Chester Brown was rerouted. Talked to Britt Wilson, who sat behind me, about whether there was a winner in the name the title competition. She is going to work on it, she swears. Joe and Vicki Nerino made fart jokes. Fun times. Robin finally got to sign after hosting so many panels the day before. Marc Bell showed up for the last half hour of the day. In the end it was probably my best TCAF and I’ve been to them all! Thanks to Chris Butcher, Peter Birkemoe and all the volunteers! TCAF remains the one event every year I refuse to miss. Hugs to all. And now for the pix:

Tru(ish) Stories panel in Montreal

Mike Holmes signs True Stories

Conundrum author Maya Merrick and TCAF volunteer Georgia Webber

Philippe Girard signs Killing Velazquez

Rebecca Kraatz and Joe Ollmann and Gerome

Rebecca Kraatz and Maryanna Hardy sign

Quebec Panel

Jimmy Beaulieu signs, Joe Ollmann looks tough

Doug Wrights: Maryanna Hardy and Dave Collier on the left

Robin McConnell signs

Driving companions

Dave Collier jams with his son James

Jeet Heer with Collier and his forthcoming book

Every year these two thugs help at the table: Ollmann and Ian Sullivan Cant


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