The Dailies

Following in the heels of his well-recieved Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On Conundrum announces the release of Dakota McFadzean’s Dailies webcomic in gorgeous full colour hardcover form just in time for TCAF 2015! The book will contain 3 years of daily strips, 3 per page, that’s 365 pages, see the symmetry? It will retail for $25. McFadzean was nominated for a Slate Cartoonist Prize and a Shuster Award for this material. 

Here is Dakota’s personal announcement and a video of the uncoloured strips: 

Soon you’ll be able to read The Dailies without the use of electricity. If you purchase the book, it will occupy physical space in you house, apartment, or station wagon. You will be able to write your name in it, and lend it to a friend forever.

As for the the sketchbook in the video, it contains daily comics made from October 21, 2012 – July 21, 2014. That’s 639 strips or 213 pages. This is my third completed book since starting the project in 2010, though the first two sketchbooks had fewer pages.

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