The Disappearance of Charlie Butters

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Conundrum Press is thrilled to announce it has aquired world rights to The Disappearance of Charlie Butters, the new graphic novel from Zach Worton.

Following the success of Zach Worton’s The Klondike comes a new graphic novel about the final throes of a death metal band. While filming a music video they stumble upon an old cabin in the woods containing the archives of a disappeared artist. The discovery sets in motion a chain of events which eventually leads to one character’s redemption.

“Zach Worton, through the use of classic and lively cartooning, gives a story of how we need to make change in our lives or we’ll all go crazy. Sometimes that change breaks hearts and pisses off our friends. And sometimes it brings about a calm understanding of who we are.” – Charles Forsman (TEOTFW)

The Disappearance of Charley Butters is a smart, lively story imbued with page-turning mystery, all told in Zach Worton’s engaging style.” — Noah Van Sciver

ISBN 1894994922
120 pages, b/w, softcover, $17
May 2015 (TCAF Debut)

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