Time Travelling With Cartoonists (Holiday Edition)

Welcome to the first edition of Time Travelling with Cartoonists! In this new series, we’ll talk to Conundrum artists about their younger years, asking fun questions like, “What was your favourite comic book?”, “Who was your favourite art teacher?”, and “What did you idly doodle in the margins of your math test, inspiring your teacher to call your parents in for a meeting?”

In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve decided to focus this first instalment on this question:

“If you could travel back in time and give yourself any drawing-related tool, what would it be?”

Whimsical drawings by a mysterious unknown artist. Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash.


Here’s what they said:

Max de Radiguès (Weegee and Moose):

“I’m still drawing with the same nib I had in my art box in elementary school. Furniture-wise, I’m not sure I needed a lot. I guess a nice Moleskine sketchbook would have been nice and useful for my 16-year-old self. I’d also throw in a Pilot G-Tec-C4, since I use those in my sketchbook most of the time.”


Rebecca Rosen (FLEM)

“I wish someone had given me the Pentel pocket brush pen when I was a teenager. Drawing with a brush and ink seemed so intimidating and messy… it took me years to work up the nerve to try it out. The Pentel pocket brush pen is a good introduction to using a brush; it’s easy to manipulate, portable, and long lasting. And it looks so elegant and grown-up! I don’t leave home without mine!“


Ariane Dénommé (100 Days in Uranium City)

“As a teenager, I thought observational drawing was boring, It was something you had to do in art class, but never something I would have done on my own. But I should have. So, I think that if a wise adult had given me a sketchbook, something discreet and small, but nice, and a few Pigma Micron, with the specific indication to go out and draw a bit of the outside world, I could have greatly benefited from it.”


Alison McCreesh (Norths, Ramshackle)

“When I was about 12, I started hanging out with a family who used actual watercolours and watercolour paper at home. Until then, all I had was regular coloured pencils and the flip-side of used printer paper. I got a taste for having ‘proper’ art supplies and saved up my babysitting money and eventually bought a little Windsor Newton watercolour set. It made a world of difference – I still use it today! So portable and not too intimidating and you can do virtually anything in any style with it.”


Wauter Mannaert (Weegee)

“Like some others mentioned before me, the Pilot G4-Tec pen and the Pentel brush pen are amazing tools that really make your daily life as an artist a lot easier. They’re easy to carry around and they’re clean and simple. No hassle with ink bottles etc.

I would add the Uni-ball Eye Micro because it’s ink is water-resistant, so you can combine it with watercolours… great for sketching!

On the other hand, I think the tools I wanted as a teenager or as a student where not necessarily the most ‘convenient’ tools. I was into complicated, clunky stuff like old-school rotring pens, bamboo pens, Chinese ink sticks, rice paper and so on.  It adds a lot of magic and charm to the act of drawing, and I think for myself as a teenager that was just perfect.”


Siris (The Vagabond Valise)

“What I wanted when I was young–around the age of 11 or 12 years old–is paper and brushes and paint, all that!!! I also wanted the peace to draw and it’s still like that today! Most important was having the support of adults, like parents or a brother or sister.”


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