TCAF Signing Schedule

Well we are deliriously pumped to be going to TCAF in a few weeks. May 5 and 6 at the Toronto Public Library. But you already know that because you are pumped too! Conundrum will be debuting 4 books and have lots of signings and free stuff and surprise guests and new catalogues and charming folks to take your money and provide you with awesome cultural product. Here is the signing schedule. Look for the Conundrum table, location to be posted soon at the TCAF website. See you there!

Sat May 5
10am-11am: Britt Wilson / Shannon Gerard
11am-12pm: Nina Bunjevac / Dave Lapp
12pm-1:45pm: Michel Rabagliati
2pm-3pm: Sherwin Tjia
3pm-4pm: David Collier
4pm-5pm: Temple Bates

Sun. May 6

11am – 12pm: David Collier
12pm – 2pm: Michel Rabagliati / Rupert Bottenberg
2pm – 3pm: Dave Lapp / Nina Bunjevac
3pm – 4pm: Britt Wilson / Shannon Gerard
4pm – 5pm: Temple Bates

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