Announcing… The Conundrum Press Spring 2019 Line-Up!

A couple of weeks ago, we were reflecting on what a great year we’ve had. We’re proud of the titles we’ve launched, beginning with The Curse of Charley Butters and Norths, wrapping up with FLEM and The Vagabond Valise. And of course, all the other equally amazing and inventive titles we’ve published this year.

But at Conundrum, every year is a great year, and 2019 is shaping up to be just like all the others. We’re pleased to announce that this spring, we’ll be publishing five new titles, including:



ChickenCoverChicken Rising

D. Boyd



Boyd takes an unflinching look back at a 1970s childhood plagued by insecurity, bullying, and family dysfunction.

A shy only child, Dawn struggles to fit in. After starting a small-town fried chicken franchise her war-vet father becomes even more emotionally inaccessible at home, and nothing Dawn does is ever good enough for her mother.

School isn’t much better; it’s filled with misinterpretation, false accusations, and constant social challenges. Dawn’s a true underdog—and this is the story of how she learns to find the good in the bad, and that fitting in isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.







auroracoverfinalwebAurora Borealice

Joan Steacy


When Joan Steacy graduated from high school in 1974, she left her small town behind to embark on a lifelong quest for education. In Aurora Borealice, Steacy explores her personal journey through alter-ego Alice, a functional illiterate with a creative mind and an astonishing amount of artistic skill.

The book is a lesson in perseverance and ultimately believing in yourself regardless of the challenges thrown your way. The story follows Alice as she winds her way through art college, marriage, an art career in Toronto, parenthood, and a major move to Victoria. Along the way, she draws encouragement from her partner, Canadian comics artist Ken Steacy, insight from media theorist Marshall McLuhan and mentor Eric McLuhan, and inspiration from Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud, and Jack ‘King’ Kirby.

The more Alice learns, the more confident she becomes—until she’s accepted into the University of Victoria. There, she’s faced with one of the most important questions of her life: what is the true value of a university education?





tumblr_pbvnhy8OYR1qfu8e9o1_1280 (1)Meat & Bone

Kat Verhoeven


Anne thinks that getting a new place with her two best friends will be a fresh start — then she meets Marshall, the girl downstairs. Their friendship will trigger body image issues she thought she had left behind. Meanwhile, Gwen tries out polyamorous dating and Jane practically moves into the gym, quietly working through her problems and those of her friends.

In Meat and Bone, Kat Verhoeven winds these threads into an unflinching, beautifully illustrated exploration of how three Toronto women define themselves.




DariacoverredcropwebWage Slaves

Daria Bogdanska


Daria Bogdanska moves from Poland to Malmö to attend art school, sets out to find a job, and discovers that in order to work in the country legally, she needs a Swedish personal identity number. But there is a catch: she can’t get one without securing a job first.

To make ends meet, Daria starts working under the table at an Indian restaurant. There, she discovers another level of inequity: lacking regulation, the underground job market is forcing immigrants to settle for a substandard quality of life.

In turning to a union for help she sparks a legal battle that ultimately leads to fairer work practices for the people in her community.

Reminiscent of the style of Julie Doucet, Wage Slaves is the autobiographical story of Bogdanska’s determined struggle to build a life in Malmö, and how she found a way to succeed, against all odds.





couv_simon_et_louiseSimon & Louise

Max de Radiguès


It all begins with a relationship update on social media. Summer vacation is about to begin, and Simon discovers the change just as his supposed girlfriend leaves to spend two months in a seaside village.

Determined to find out what went wrong, Simon decides to hitchhike 520 kms to find her. With just his backpack and a few snacks, he sneaks out of the house and hits the road—but he quickly discovers that he isn’t quite prepared for the journey.

But that’s only half the story. Unaware of the miscommunication, Louise is dealing with social challenges of her own.

Written and illustrated from both points of view by the award-winning creator of Moose(nominated for an Eisner Award for Teens), Simon & Louise is a story about two people in love and the chaos that happens when technology gets in the way.



Want more details? Check out our official Spring 2019 catalogue!

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