Local Love for Langosh & Peppi

Did you know that Conundrum Press is based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia?

A little bit of recent history for you: although Andy Brown founded the publishing company in Montreal, way back in 1996  (an unsubtle birthday reminder: next year, we’re turning 25!), he moved to Nova Scotia over ten years ago, books (and zine collection) in tow. Although we’re not as centrally located anymore, we’ve remained heavily involved in the national literature, comics and zine scenes–which means plenty of people still assume we’re in Montreal.

Although Montreal still holds a special place in our heart, we love our Nova Scotia home too, so we always appreciate when one of our books is recognized by a local publication. Right now, we’re pretty excited to share that Langosh and Peppi: Fugitive Days, by Halifax’s own Veronica Post, is one of the featured titles in the latest issue of Atlantic Books Today! Veronica will also be appearing, alongside many others, at the Afterwords Festival, as a part of the Nova Graphica launch.

Special thanks to illustrator Emma Fitzgerald for the Atlantic Books Today review. You can view the whole magazine in its digital form here.

If Atlantic Canadian books are your jam, you may want to consider subscribing. Right now, if you go to www.atlanticbooks.ca/join you can get use ABT91C for $10 off and enter to win a free bag of books!

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