Wizard World!

Just got back from a feverish trip to Toronto for the Wizard World Comic Con. Very surreal. Not used to the hard core pop culture. I felt like those people in the costumes were the self confident ones and we were just there as gawking tourists. But it could have been the fever. Reconnected with some good folks all of whom have forthcoming books by conundrum: Britt Wilson, Dave Lapp, Dave Collier, Serena McCarroll, and had a great studio visit and chat with Temple Bates. And of course thanks to my partner in crime who propped me up and did all the talking as if I was his ventriloquist dummy, the master cartoonist Joe Ollmann. Below is a smattering of pix from my trip. The last image is an old school jam page done by Collier, Ollmann and Lapp and I feel it sums up the weekend very well.

Britt Wilson, Dave Collier, Joe Ollmann
Dave Lapp, Dave Collier in uniform, Joe Ollmann
Britt Wilson and Vicki Nerino look for flying wizards

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